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When it comes to the garage, most people neglect cleaning and organizing. It’s just simply a task we find overwhelming, as the garage for most people is stuffed full of the junk we don’t want in the house or all those unfinished projects. Parking a car in the garage might seem like the impossible goal, but you can wrangle the space in your garage with a few cleaning tips!


Start By Organizing

It helps to create zones in your garage and then start making piles. You’ll want to have a pile for thing things you want to throw away, and a pile for the things to keep and organize. Place like items together such as athletic gear, beach toys, tools, seasonal decorations, etc. Make sure you really complete this part of the process.


Don’t Be Shy About Tossing Out Stuff

One of the most important parts of cleaning out the garage is being willing to pare down and create less stuff. If you are a pack rat, this might be tough for you. If this is the case, get your spouse or an honest friend to come help push you to rid yourself of unneeded junk. Too much stuff creates chaos and let’s face it—none of us needs more chaos!


Take a hard look at your old items. Obsolete electronics, old decorating items such as wallpaper, paint you’ll never use, etc. are all items that take up valuable space. They can also invite rodents, bugs or other pests. Do you really need that bin of old magazines or newspapers? You can go online to read about anything these days, so clear your clutter! Make piles for donating, tossing out, and items you can sell. If the sell pile gets big, make plans to have a garage sale within 6 weeks. Donate any items that you don’t sell and do NOT bring them back in the house! The best way to do this is to arrange for a charity truck to come pick up any unsold items at the end of the day. Remember, if you haven’t used something in more than a year, chances are you won’t. So push yourself to clear the clutter!


Make Different Zones in the Garage

We use our garages for different things, so it helps when cleaning it out to create zones for different purposes. It could be a place for your car to be parked, a workshop, or a glorified storage unit. Decide what the zones should be and begin placing items in their designated zones. Use storage bins that are clear so you can see what is in them. Store them on shelves so they are up higher if you don’t need them often. Label the bins. If you follow this advice, you might even have room leftover to park your car!


Don’t let cleaning your garage be a daunting task. Get motivated and get moving and maximize your space!

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