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Creating a Plan for House Cleaning


Very few people actually enjoy house cleaning, but it’s a task that has to be done. Clutter has got to be the biggest enemy and conquering it is a necessity in order to have a well kept house. All of us have clutter, but the trick is not to let it multiply and become out of control. Effective house cleaning is all about being efficient with your time, so we have some tips to help you out.


Make a Plan for Cleaning as You Walk Through the Entire House


Cleaning the Kitchen


It’s by far the busiest room in the house and therefore, due to its very nature, can be the dirtiest room in the house! It’s also, perhaps, more important to keep clean and organized than any room in the house. You must handle and store food properly to avoid cross-contamination. We recommend beginning with your refrigerator. Go through anything with expiration dates and throw out things that are too old. Use your nose—it will also tell you if something isn’t good. The easiest way to maintain a clean fridge is start with a super clean fridge, so remove all the contents and wash down the entire inside of the fridge, including drawers and shelves, with warm soap and water. If there’s dried on food, use a scouring pad and get it clean. Use rubber gloves if you don’t like handling food. Don’t forget to clean the top of the fridge!


Next on your house cleaning list – clean out the pantry by throwing away excess food products that have expired – stale chips or bread, etc. Make sure dry goods are in air-tight storage containers and look for any signs of pantry bugs, which will look like coffee grounds and feed on pasta, rice, cereal, etc. If you see these tiny bugs, you will need to get rid of anything it has touched and then vacuum and sanitize the walls and entire pantry area. You want to kill the bugs and their eggs. Organize your cans, jars and boxed items and use small bins for things like packets of sauce mix, soups or dressings. Even if a food item comes in a re-sealable bag, place that bag inside a Ziploc bag to ensure freshness.


Cleaning the Bathroom


The best tip here is to do a little very consistently. Keep your various bathroom products handy and you’ll be more likely to use them more often for any of your house cleaning chores. For instance, wipe up water spots and spills to prevent mildew or soap scum. Keep a tub of disinfecting wipes in the bathroom and clean around the sink every day, as well as the toilet. Don’t let toothpaste dry in the sink. Be sure to use vent fans to help prevent mildew, and rinse off the shower or tub after every use. You might want a squeegee, or you may opt for a spray that is used after showers to help prevent soap scum build-up.



Cleaning The Laundry Area


Again, the best way to not get overwhelmed by laundry is to do a load or two each day. If you have a large family, start training your older children how to do the laundry. They can learn to sort and fold at a very early age, so get them involved! Take your weekends back by getting on top of your laundry during the week!


Cleaning The Bedrooms


Be sure to move the bed and other furniture from time to time to make sure the floors underneath get cleaned. Dust can be a real problem in the bedrooms and you’ll want to keep it clean to avoid breathing in all that dirt and dust while you sleep! Clear the clutter from night tables and dressers and dust off books that are displayed. Choose comforters that are easy to maintain and make it easy to make the bed. Keep the floors clear by storing shoes in the closets and having a hamper in a convenient location.


Keeping the Family or Living Room Clean


Cleaning the common areas of your home is super important. A lot of living goes on in the family room, and therefore, there will be more to clean up. As with anything else, at the end of each day, go through these areas to clear away dishes left around, clutter, toys on the floor, etc. You might want a hook to hang your keys on near the front door. Another helpful tip when cleaning the living room is to have a basket handy to throw any items into as you clean. These items can then be sorted and put in their proper places.


Cleaning works best when moving from one room at a time and finishing that room before moving to the next. It helps with your overall feeling of accomplishment to do it this way, so don’t let your house cleaning become overwhelming—just a little each day will get the job done! Make your house a peaceful place to come home to by keeping it clean and organized and you’ll be amazed at the effect this has on your emotional state.


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