What To Look For When Hiring A House Cleaning Service In Grove City Ohio

home cleaning services in grove city ohioSummer is over and kids are back in school and you look around your home and think, ‘I need help’. On the other hand, maybe it’s getting ready for the holidays or a party and you think, ‘time to call the professionals’. No matter what your reason, every homeowner, or homemaker could use some help giving their home an extra dose of TLC, tender loving care and thank goodness there are people ready, willing and able to help just a phone call away. But before you pick up that phone and call the first number you see in the phone book under ‘house cleaning’, there are some questions you should ask when hiring a house cleaning service in Grove City Ohio.

Is Your Company Bonded?

The house cleaning company that you allow to come into your home should be bonded to protect you against theft. And make sure to get more than a simple ‘yes’ as some companies are bonded to protect the company alone. Make sure you are protected as well.

How Are Your Employees Screened?

Criminal background checks are pretty much an industry standard, but it does not hurt to double check that the person you are inviting into your home is safe to have there. Also ask about references and residence status as these will also show the responsibility of the house cleaning company you are considering.

Do You Have Insurance?

As with the bonding question, more than a simple yes is required as most businesses carry some kind of insurance. The insurance you are looking for with a house cleaning company is liability and employee accident insurance. If a cleaner is injured on your property, your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover them.

Do You Have Any References I Can Call?

The best way to find a good house cleaning service is to ask your friends and family, but if you are dealing with a service you found